Our trademark wide variety of classes to suit all levels, goals, weaknesses & most importantly needs! All classes share our same unmatched vibes, special programming & world class coaching.

We believe that fitness is more fun and motivating when done together. Our group training sessions offer a dynamic and supportive environment where you can challenge yourself, reach your fitness goals, and make lasting connections with others who share your passion for health and wellness.

MAY 2024

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premier strength and conditioning program: each class begins with a skill or strength session and ends with a high-intensity conditioning workout that incorporates bodyweight, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and metabolic endurance exercises (rowing, bicycling, and running).


A fully dedicated program to get you stronger, leaner, and more toned with well-balanced resistance training exercises and Geniues Superset finishers! It's the perfect class to build muscles, move better, burn a lot of calories, and eliminate any muscle imbalances. ENJOY THE PUMP!


Run, Row, Bike, Jump!
This special weekly class is focused to increase your overall endurance & aerobic capacity. It includes a wide range of cardio exercise intervals combined with minimal functional movements. It's definitely a class that will make you boost your endurance level & burn a lot of calories


A complete fitness program. Suitable for all levels. include toning and strength exercises mixed with high-intensity functional movements and core training. Every class is guaranteed to give you a fun, full-body workout without any barbells or heavy lifting.


A blend of functional movements & cardio exercises. All Workouts include a variety of full body exercises without any barbells or heavy weights. its ideal for those who are looking for an extended high intensity workout that will make you burn a lot of calories & enjoy an electrified 1 hour class


A mix between Build and endurance! a perfect combo of functional bodybulding exercises and variety of cardio intervals. this class is very suitable to get you stronger while also working on your aerobic capacity. Every class focus on main body parts but always guaranteed to leave you super PUMPED and SWEATY


Your 8:00 AM dose of happiness! Fantastic class for our early Risers.
A mix between BUILD and BURN training methods. Workouts are modified by our coaches based on your level and needs.
No matter what your goal is, you will never want to miss a RISE class.


A specific class to train the whole core area (abs, lower back, obliques, thighs, hips). It will get your core Stronger & teach you how to engage it in all exercises. No matter how fit you are, getting your core stronger will ensure your future progress, eliminate lower back pain & overall Risk of injury


Our essential weekly Yoga session, helps you physically and mentally. By enhancing your mobility, joints alignment,mind body connection, breath awareness & helps you manage your stress level. With our super talented Coach, you will definitely enjoy every session


Our sessions packages give you the ultimate freedom to attend all classes on our schedule.
or access the open gym and train on your own anytime during our working hours!
its the perfect go to if you want to mix and match between attending classes or use the gym anytime


1 Session
(drop in )

300 EGP

12 Sessions
(expire in 1 month)

2100 EGP

20 Sessions
(expire in 1 month)

2700 EGP

30 Sessions
(expire in 3 months )

4900 EGP

50 Sessions
(expire in 3 months )

6200 EGP

60 Sessions
(expire in 6 months )

8600 EGP

100 Sessions
(expire in 6 months)

10800 EGP

10 Sessions
(expire in 1 year )

2400 EGP

40 Sessions
(expire in 1 year )

7200 EGP

120 Sessions
(expire in 1 year)

14500 EGP

200 Sessions
(expire in 1 year )

18000 EGP

1 Session
(drop in )

You can start anytime!

1. Check our posted schedule
2. Choose the most suitable class you want to start with.
3. Just arrive 10-15 mins earlier & Register at front desk.

Thats it! get ready to start your fitness journey.