SilverGiant was established in 2012 by Ahmed el Kei, initially operating out of a small garage. with an enormous amount of expertise, enthusiasm, and passion. SilverGiant has expanded to become a fully developed fitness brand with an excellent reputation in the industry.

Now with one of the biggest top facilities in the region, we are able to offer our community a wide variety of services that can help anyone reach their fitness goal and enjoy the process.


- Daily group training sessions
- Tailored personal and online training
- Healthy delicious nutrition services
- Life changing transformation programs
- Unforgettable retreats and camps
We take care of everything!

All our coaches and team members are SilverGiant own success stories! We believe they are our most valuable asset. We take pride in each one of them and work very hard to constantly develop them. Always aiming for a name of excellence.


At SilverGiant we believe that fitness is more fun and motivating when done together. Our training services offer a dynamic and supportive environment where you can challenge yourself, reach your fitness goals, and make lasting connections with others who share your passion for health and wellness.



We take pride in the big variety of our community and are honored to serve them with the best quality they deserve. We've always been a family of our own, welcoming everyone joining in with loud cheers and creating a safe zone to help develop each individual to his best potential.

We understand that each member embarks on a journey of their own, with his/her own struggles, weaknesses, dreams, and goals. so;

No judgements. No one size fits all. But most important, no one is left without their own success story.

SilverGIant is more than just a fitness membership. 
It's your best hour of the day, it's a safe zone, it's your go-to fitness haven, its a lifestyle.